Specialty Promotions Unlimited


How do we do it? (have the lowest prices, that is!)

We are strictly an Order Processing Center.
We do one thing and one thing only... Process orders efficiently! We are a very lean, streamlined company and our staff has many years of experience. This keeps our overhead low and gives us the ability to pass on substantial savings to you. Check us out, it's like money in the bank!

Our Toll Free number- for Orders Only
We only except phone calls for definite orders. All requests for quotes, samples, and pre-ordering information is handled by our email request form and answered promptly, usually within minutes.

We have no outside sales force.
The way we operate our business is unique to our industry. Over the years we have learned that 9 times out of 10, our clients knew what they wanted to order and did not really need a visit from a salesperson. Outside salespeople are very expensive and are generally adding somewhere between 10%-40% to your orders. When you know what you want (or pretty much know what you want) contact us at Specialty Promotions Unlimited using our email request form. We will promptly give you a free no obligation quote, by email only. Use our toll free number when you are ready to place a definite order.

We require full prepayment on all orders.
We analyzed every aspect of our business with the goal of providing our customers with the very lowest pricing. We found that if our customers prepaid their orders, and with no outside sales force, we COULD give them the lowest pricing in the industry! When we are not serving as a bank, our financing and accounting costs are greatly reduced; therefore all orders must be prepaid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or you can prepay with a company check.

Our minimum order is $250.00
We are structured from top to bottom to process larger orders. Over the years we found ourselves spending considerable time with small orders that were not profitable, this added extra costs to all the orders. Believe me, you paid for it one way or another. Why should your large orders have to bear the burden of those unprofitable small orders? Here at Specialty Promotions Unlimited you don't!

We charge for samples
If you are not sure exactly what you want to order, our customer service department will do their best to help with product colors, imprinting questions, sizing and some product resourcing. If you need samples, we will be happy to provide them to you for a small charge. Use our email request form.